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Вопрос: l50-b-10g (DABLIMB6E0 rev:E) need bios kbc

I need bios kbc nuvoton npce985la0dx
Platform: DABLIMB6E0 rev:E
notemaster писал(а):
I need bios kbc nuvoton npce985la0dx

А он существует вообще? Тогда показывайте свой бэкап.
Вопрос: ACER ( LA-C611P REV 1.0) NEED BIOS

Hello friend need bios
a4was la-c611p rev 1.0 uma
intel cpu sr2eu
Ответ: rajeshkumar
Bios is clean. Good luck.
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Notebook series ???
Вопрос: dell 15 (FX3MC rev:A00) need bios or check dump

I checked all bios in vlab to this motherbard Cedar_intel 13269-1 PWB:FX3MC rev:A00 and only my bios work. But I have problem with dysk,so I need bios or please check my.
Ответ: hi, bios i correct.
Вопрос: samsung NP470 (ba41-02176a piotek) i need bios

I need bios samsung NP470 BA41-02176A ramos . It has already been tried to rewrite the bios and the notebook after this connects but without video. It could be that the bios is the wrong one.
Ответ: Unfortunately I did not succeed in recording the bios, I think this important information is missing. There is another code besides the one that was provided by me. Another code that appears is BA92-12991B (NP470)
Вопрос: Dell E5470 (LA-C632P REV 1.0) NEED BIOS

Hello friend i have dell e5470 la-c632p rev 1.0 motherboard.
which facing no display problem. Need bios dump
2N3904 писал(а):
Вот здесь:

the result o these bios not display on board
may be not support
Вопрос: Acer Aspire VN7-571g (HADES_840M_MB) need bios dump

i need BIOS dump for Acer Aspire VN7-571G, HADES_840M_MB, Intel Core i5-5200U SR23Y,N15P-GT-A2,NPCE285PA0DX-AA2

I tried bios from the manufacturer, MB does not start, i tried bios for MB POSEJDON_840M, motherboard starts 0.42A and black screen.
Ответ: if anyone has dump please give
Вопрос: e460 (nm-a551p rev 1.0) need bios

hello friend need bios lenovo thinkpad nm-a551 rev 1.0 SR2EY (Intel Core i5-6200U)
clean bios dump
Ответ: Congratulation's!
Вопрос: hp 255 G3 (LA-A996p) need bios kbc verification

I need bios kbc to LA-A996p. It`s my old bios to verification or need dump. Thanks
Ответ: Try this
Вопрос: HP Elitebook (2570p i3 16mb) I need Bios dump

plzzz I need Bios dump HP Elitebook 2570p i3 16mb

Code 6050A2483801-MB-A02
kardan266 писал(а):
nafienew писал(а):
does not work
Computer i3 not i7
I have backup password

full dump

Thank you, but it did not work
I found in one of the forums, which works well
Вопрос: 6555b (probook ) need bios

hi i am need bios hp probook 6555b