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Вопрос: need hp proliant ml110 server ((A61TT2 M/B)) BIOS DUMP

hp proliant ml110 G5 server motherboard BIOS DUMP (A61TT2 M/B 06146-1 48.5E401.011)
Ответ: У кого-то есть нормальная прошивка биос под эту серверную мать?Там флешка стоит sst49lf080 а выложенный биос имеет 2 Мбайта...
Вопрос: 850-g1 (TPM 1.2) bios dump

hello friend
please i need HP EliteBook 850 G1 bios dump

thank you
Ответ: thank you friends
Вопрос: toshiba f755 (fmcgsy4) bios dump

toshiba f755 bios dump
PERVIZ писал(а):
toshiba f755 bios dump

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Вопрос: HP elitebook 820 G3 (Bios) Need bios dump

I messed up my bios on hp elitebook 820 G3
There are two bios chip I read mx25l12873f like Mx25l12805d and get bios dump that seems to be valid After changing some data and write back I get corrupted bios.
Do I have to read write booth bios chips because I edited only one?
Can someone upload dump for booth bios chip?
Ответ: Bad news
After trying all files that I get no success.
As soon I put battery back power button start blinking rapidly and can even try posted power on the machine.
I try to change only one number in original dump and machine starts about 20 second and then begin to restart every 10 seconds without any picture on screen.
It's looks like there are some checksum test as soon I put the battery or need to flash another chip that are on the board mx25l64....
For now i quit because I destroyed some print on the board an make a bridge with wire so I wait till someone have original backup or make successful writing on another machine.
Thanks guy's for all help.
I'm not done still waiting for solution

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Вопрос: hp probook (450 G3) need clean bios dump

PLZ ... I NEED clean bios dump for hp probook 450 g3 i7
Ответ: the dump i own is coded and i need fun one to rewrite

Posted after 2 minutes 51 second:
dump 16 mo
Вопрос: HP Elitebook (2570p i3 16mb) I need Bios dump

plzzz I need Bios dump HP Elitebook 2570p i3 16mb

Code 6050A2483801-MB-A02
kardan266 писал(а):
nafienew писал(а):
does not work
Computer i3 not i7
I have backup password

full dump

Thank you, but it did not work
I found in one of the forums, which works well
Вопрос: HP 640 G1 (6050A2566302-MB-A03) Bios dump need

I need bios dump for :
HP ProoBook 640 G1
Platform: Inventec 6050A2566302-MB-A03, NSTNN-I15C-U.
Ответ: Laptop stolen?
1. Load original dump in hex editor. With addresses 0800000h to remove the contents.
2. Load L78_0139.bin in hex editor.
Edit -> Select all ->Copy
3. Paste the end of the original file. Save is...
Вопрос: hp 13-4101nt (yodd) bios dump need

hello friends
please i need hp 13-4101nt with (DAY0DDMBAE0 Rev :E ) bios dump i found it here but when unzip it the size 8.193 mb but it must be 8.192 mb

thank you
gofer писал(а):
What BID....?

there should be a sticker on the body.
or the old dump
Вопрос: CQ61-450ES (Bios dump) I need

Please Help Bios dump
ZZZ7ZZZ писал(а):
nafienew Try this dump.

This works you are wonderful thank you
Вопрос: cq62-410us (da0ax3mb6c2 rev c) bios dump

hi all , i need bios dump for this laptop , i have downloaded it from hp site but its without serial number , you should know the file size is 1mb and thanks
BID 1605
Ответ: Please notice that upgrade in most case, its only part of bios not whole image dumped from SPI.